Texture Thursday: Late Bloomer

Picking back up on some more sunflowers. A few post back, I mentioned I was without my wide angle glass when I came across these so I had stuck to some more isolation & macro style photos. But honestly I don’t know if I could have gotten a nice sweeping image of the patch, which was more like a thick row with a ditch in front of the row. I already was looking up to the flowers. I decided to mess around a bit and extended my tripod fully to about 6 foot. I then set the aperture to f2.8, locked in exposure, and then set a timer. Next, I held up the tripod as high as I could and angled it down on the sunflowers and turned about 45 degrees. Most shots didn’t pan out, but I ended up liking this one as the focus (quite luckily) caught the young bud.

Processing notes: The general toning of the image was done in Color Efex pro with the “Midnight” filter, a quite interesting filter, but one I rarely find a way to use effectively. Besides muting the tones, the filter let me really control the dynamic range a bit and flatten the background. The wide aperture had already helped blur the background, but it was a bit busy. With that set, I then applied a canvas-type texture to the image that ended up giving it a quasi half-tone feel to my surprise and delight. Last step was to mask out a bit of the texture around the lower-left to let the sharpness of the sunflower bud come back out. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Texture Thursday: Late Bloomer

  1. Love the story Brandon. Even if most shots are bust to have at least one is always worth it. By the way, I am huge fan of color efx, and this is a great use of the midnight filter.

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