And Made Mischief

Not long after the passing of Maurice Sendak, and also in complete coincidence, I came across some “wild thing” replicas on eBay, crafted by Todd McFarlane. I’m not sure how the naming came into play, but this one is “Bernard,” and was always my favorite in the wild bunch. So here is how Bernard ended up on these rocks on the bank of the river. I’m not a toy collector, so when the parcel arrived I yanked him out the box, threw it away and placed him on the mantle. I was pretty impressed by the detail of the figurine and was happy to see it was posable. Other than that, there Bernard stood on the mantle with his mischievous grin. Well, my girls noticed, and had apparently taken to him. While picking up the next day, I had moved him to a higher shelf on the corner edge. On the way to work the next day, my oldest calls me in a fever that Bernard had moved, and was a real wild thing. The twins are just as obsessed, and it’s one of those pleasurable times you are able to glimpse back into childhood with all its mystery and fantasy.

So of course, I’ve run with it, and snuck Bernard into the camera sack on the latest outing. What the girls will receive next are postcards from Bernard via snail mail. Also, there are several wild things, not including Max that will randomly join the rest overtime. It doesn’t last long, so you have to have fun with it.

4 thoughts on “And Made Mischief

  1. Besides the photo, your idea is totally awesome. I hope it lasts long because totally can’t wait to see where Benard winds up next.

  2. OMG, so love this image Brandon…everything about it is spot on! I think the postcard idea simply rocks man and am totally looking forward to seeing where Bernard ends up next. šŸ˜€

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