Just trying to hang on

brandon ◙ brasseaux

Having children gave rise to a new season in my life—the birthday season. All my kids have birthdays in the middle of the summer within a span of a month (two are twins). I’ve learned that birthdays are the height of existence for young children, especially girls. Summer is fond enough, but now it is wrapped in birthdays.  In past years, I’ve done separate postings but the “season” runs so fast. So here they are lumped into one sprint, the speed at which everything seems to go by. In about ten birthday seasons from now I’ll probably need to visit this photo for sanity purposes.

14 thoughts on “Just trying to hang on

  1. This is a great photo of your Daughters Brandon, but three daughters, all reaching dating age at about the same time? I’m not looking forward to one daughter dating, you are going to need a lot more than a glance at this photo to maintain sanity 😀

    1. Thanks, Jeff, and there isn’t a day that goes by that realization that I will have three teenage girls at one time and under one roof doesn’t pass my mind. I’ve wondered if I should look into preemptive ulcer treatment.

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