Texture Thursday

brandon ◙ brasseaux

Apparently someone is a bit avid about keeping people out of a torn & abandoned parking garage in our downtown area. Absurdly the double doors on the facade were wide open. One quick peep inside was enough deterrent to keep me from entering. I’m a bit late on “Texture Thursday” again. The texture application here was mainly in service to create a vignette as I didn’t want to detract too much from the natural layers of sharp edges in the composition. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

6 thoughts on “Texture Thursday

  1. That looks nasty. I like the combination here of very strong contrast and dark, yet colourful tones. This could be the cover image for a dystopian future novel. Nice work.

  2. Gorgeous shot! You did a great job with the composition but what really draws my attention is the coloring of the barbed wire. It almost shines.

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