Holy Macaroni

We have been fortunate to have a summer where it rains occasionally, and when it comes, it always comes ripping. Since most occur in the afternoon, the aftermath in the evening usually renders some amazing clouds. But it definitely had a little more pizzazz on Sunday. We were baking at about 104°F when a thunderstorm busted loose and thankfully cooled us off. Perhaps the sudden drop in temperature brought on these clouds as they were smooth despite their “bubbliness.” The above was a handheld taken at f4.0  and 1/125. That’s testament to how silky these clouds were as it in my playback it had a neutral density/longer exposure feel to photograph.

More about the shot. I had no idea this was going on outside because I had been inside most of the day doing honey-doos (chores). Strangely, my wife and I like to do our spring cleaning and house projects in the dead heat of summer. Ok, we don’t like it. It’s the glorious product of procrastination. Anyway, I was supposed to be moving a chest-of-drawers to the garage and walked out to this. Instantly, I’m thinking I needed to hop in the car and go find a good landscape to frame with the sky. That would have been a hard sale to the spouse. And besides, there was maybe 10 minutes of daylight left. So I grabbed the camera and stood on top of the car, doing my best to keep my neighbor’s house out the frame. Luckily there was a broken streetlight to give the scene some kind of extra element.

As for post, this is SOOC tone wise. I had to do a little highlight recovery in Lightroom as I exposed it to the right as much as I could. Then a wider crop (I think 16:9 ratio), and then a bump in the noise reduction. Cheers!

BTW…what about the new Canon mirrorless cam? I don’t know how they shoe-horned all that into that camera. I’m thinking there is a new “street cam” on my radar.

9 thoughts on “Holy Macaroni

    1. Aha, my thoughts exactly. I’ve been a bit behind, but wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog. I’ve made my way over to your blog but haven’t quite had the time to soak it all in. Thanks, again.

  1. The worst part about a sky like that is that if you aren’t somewhere already prepared for it, you won’t have enough time to get to a good location before it’s gone. Great save standing on the car and including the street light.

    As for the Canon, I can’t even afford to think about it so I’ll stick with my iPhone 4S for now 😉

    1. Thanks, Jeff. They love to spring up when you are occupied. My wife has caught me a few times mouthing off to the sky with a “oh, would you knock it off already.” I’m definitely not in a position to snatch one up, but I’m liking the technology as it fills both a decent back-up need and the light, low attention camera. Even if I had the cash on hand to burn, I would wait for the next generation for good measure.

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