Let’s Go, Bernard

Bernard has been missing from his mantle for a few days and the girls have been highly concerned. Unbeknown to them Bernard has been out on a rumpus with his striped sweater pal, Moishe, arguably the best dancer in Sendak’s illustrated story.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Go, Bernard

  1. I wish I had come up with an idea like this when my daughter was younger. At 7 I don’t think I could pull it off. When you get a bunch of photos of their adventures you should put together a photo book to give to them. The photos and processing are great. Your own “Wild Things” book. Something they could show their kids to help keep the story alive.

    1. I can only take partial credit. I credit most to my kids’ imaginations as they saw Bernard as more than a little figurine on the mantle. My 6yo’s conviction isn’t as strong, but she still loves it, especially getting postcards she can read. So it’s not too late. She might night “believe” but she will definitely appreciate it. Oh, and thanks for that last idea! Would make a wonderful keepsake.

  2. Excellent sequence. Love the processing and use of colour. Works so well with the subjects & setting.

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