Stole the Soul

brandon ◙ brasseaux

The main hallway of the Arlington Motel (yesterday’s post). Before the entrance to this hallway is a staircase (and I use that term lightly), that goes above and I imagine connects to a hallway that mirrors the one shown here. I’ve been rolling with the black & white urban theme this week, but struggled on deciding whether black and white or the color version worked best. The inside of the hotel was mainly drab, faded paint, and everything else was covered in layers of debris, dust, some ash and so forth. It wasn’t bursting with color in other words, but I’m a fan of subdued & quiet tones. I also felt the black and white version had some intrigue because of all the angled shadows mixed with the sunlit entrances to rooms. Perhaps I should try it in sepia.

My mind keeps returning to a wonder of what this may have looked like alive. For such an old building, (and one that was supposedly a cornerstone when this entire area of downtown was thriving,) that there might be some photographs floating around. I have only found one, this one. My knowledge of cars is not extensive, but I’m guessing perhaps this one was taken in the late 60s/early 70s.

8 thoughts on “Stole the Soul

  1. I’ll second the black and white, excellent Brandon. That place looks like an HDR heaven, been playing with Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2 lately ;-), but what a shame, that place looks like a really nice building. At least it used to be.

  2. Ohhh, B&W for sure! “ooohhhhhh” was what came out of my mouth when the page loaded, really love this image. Perhaps it’s the “morbid David” coming out, but what really struck me was that clumped up cloth dead centre…reminds me of a lady in a dress (see the “shoe” to the right?) that’s found her final resting place. Again, love love love this image!

  3. Hi Brandon! I prefer the colour version – and I’m right with you on subdued and quiet tones – the most successful colour shots can include those with the least colour. This colour version is very good. Adrian

  4. Great images. I really both versions, but I think the monochrome just shades it. This place reminds of some of the sets from the film Bladerunner, minus the incessant rain

  5. Excellent composition. Your fearless exploration produces results. The “old” photo looks like mid-1960’s to me. Love this work. 🙂

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