Alone in a Dream

brandon ā—™ brasseaux

This one was for “Texture Thursday,” but my clock is telling me it’s Friday already. This one is a product of an image I made up in my head and have been toting around all week. I starting thinking up a monochrome that would couple together surreal & texture. This composition consists of three images. The first being a snapshot of my daugher taken at f1.4. The other is a texture of painted wall, and the last is an image of a field of wildflowers. The latter was blurred to create some blotchiness and is likely the “thinnest layer.” Trying to push a bit more on my other textured works, my goal here was to implicate a bit of movement. When you can carve out the time, layering textures over photos is such an interesting process.

8 thoughts on “Alone in a Dream

  1. Nice vision Brandon. The processing in this came out quite well, I wish I had the time and knowledge to put something like this together. Sounds like quite a bit of work.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful! Great work, I’ll have a look around.

    Greetings from the far North

  3. Very well done! Excellent mood established by an effective constructed reality. Lots of room for interpretation of symbols and emotional connections.

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