Kicking off a brief hiatus on the blog postings. I started this blog a little over two years ago when I decided to pursue photography in a more meaningful and artistic manner. After 480 posts, I’m feeling a need for a little break to do some photo housekeeping. There are several projects I need to finish, files to process, many files to delete, prints, etc. Fall is around the corner and I want to make sure I hit the ground running like the wild things above. Cheers to everyone and I should return in a few weeks.


19 thoughts on “Hiatus

        1. Actually most of it was due to some kind of bug with my Nik Software plugins. Every time I pumped a photo out to a plugin, it was saving a local copy of the converted RAW in another folder with each one being about 70mb a pop. So for the last few years, every time I used a Nik plugin, this folder was getting fat. Deleted the folder but still not sure how it is happening.

          1. Hmmm, I may have to look into that. My hd seems to be filling up faster than I’m taking photos. I’ve been using the hell out of the Nik plug-ins for over a year now. How and where did find the folder? And, are you using Nik via Lightroom or Photoshop?

            1. 1) I’m a Windows user so I’m not sure how this translates to a Mac. 2) I use the plugins via Lightroom. I have 3 internal hard drives…one for the OS, and two for a mirrored storage. My storage seemed alright but I noticed my OS hard drive was pegged…which it shouldn’t ever be above 40%. What was happening was the “ghost” file was being written to a local folder Users > Brandon > AppData > Local > Temp. I navigated to that folder area and deleted the extra tiff files. I have Nik save the files in .tiff format but never found an option/reason for why it was duplicating. One way you might be able to check is run a file type search on your computer (.tiff for example). If you get results pointing to areas images shouldn’t be, that might be an area to check out. Hope this helps and wasn’t too techy.

  1. I am in La Place, LA for a week or so working to get the folks their insurance monies as soon as possible and I decided to look up one of my favorite people ever! If this is the Brandon I used to stack Hurricane Malt Liquor bottles with at Courthouse Bay, please send an email back with a contact number. I’d love to get to see you before I head back to Florida. If this is NOT that Brandon, well, we could still get some beers if you want… and nice photographs!! PEACE- Irish

    1. Wow, Irish, what a blast from the past! (and coincidentally, hurricane related again 🙂 ) How I would love to catch up, but unfortunately I have moved a few hours north of New Orleans to the Shreveport area. And I wished I would have know you were living in Florida. I had lived there for a little over five years. Good to hear from you, Irish. Hit me up on Facebook or by email and maybe our paths will cross eventually.

      1. There is going to be a second post because, SURPRISE, my lack of patience beat my ignorance of the workings of WordPress blog posting and I tried again. So, I am still interested in having a beer with you and would be more than happy to add a detour in my return to FL to do so, so we’ll see. Regardless, I hope to keep in touch with you and tried FB, but couldn’t find the message or friend tabs on your page. I have the full Brian Thomas Ogden for my FB page, so please try to connect with me (and if you didn’t know, now you know….).

  2. Hey Brandon! This is Irish from your USMC days. I am in the Convent/La Place area working on flood claims and was wondering if your photo clean-up made you thirsty? Send a reply if you wanna get a beer soon. If I don’t hear back, hope to catch you another time. Great photographs!!

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