I’m back. This one from Cozumel, Mexico, a short getaway I took during my blog hiatus. We were away from the kids for an extended period for the first time. While we missed them, there was something charming about eating food while it was still hot, about being able to read a book in just one sitting again, about not being confused over something as simple as who likes Lucky Charms with milk or searching for a minuscule Polly Pocket shoe so someone could move past an existential crisis. We also did the trip quite low tech outside of tablets for reading, which was also nice (after the initial withdrawal). Thanks to everyone who dropped by the blog while I was away and I’m ready to get back underway, especially with autumn approaching.

16 thoughts on “Back

  1. A brilliant example of how to make me wish I were there! A beautiful scenery and its very refreshing to see that the sky isn’t clear blue and sunny rays but instead its got some clouds in the sky and it adds a dramatic tendency to the photograph. I really enjoy this photo, thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks, and thanks for dropping by the blog and will definitely be checking out Cotography. Yeah, it was an off an on stormy tropical day, which I liked. It had a nice moodiness to it so I underexposed it about a step.

      1. Thank you and Its most certainly refreshing to see a different approach to a beach based landscape, It inspires a new sense of breaking boundaries and conventions!

  2. Having falling off the earth myself (in the photographic/blog sense) I’ll extend a hearty welcome back anyway. The text in this post cracked me up. My wife and I just did the same kind of trip and I understand completely.

    1. Thanks, Michael. You never realize how frantically paced your life is with multiple kids until you get a break. We have only three. I can only imagine the oddness of not having kids around with a family of your size.

  3. Welcome back Brandon, have missed your images! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful (and much needed) time “off”! I’ve somewhat taken time off from viewing other blogs but am starting to get back into it (long boring, sad reasons…where’s that damn easy button?). 😀

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