Blues & Greens

Here is a few more from the vacation in Mexico. For my blog regulars, you know I’m drawn to the abandoned and forgotten so it goes without saying the rusting boat caught on the reef was my natural attractant. My guide, however, wasn’t interested in letting me off for an onboard exploration. In the end, I actually didn’t snap the shutter much on this trip. I was interested in visiting the Mayan ruins to get my photo on but most of the tours were cancelled due to the weather and the ones that did make it were a bit too heavy with other tourists to make out for that clean, sprawling photo. And I also didn’t stress over it with quality r&r at hand, books, booze and so forth. Below are few more of the beach, and of course the normal shopping stuff. I was often hassled about buying a fishbone Mayan calendar but I had looked at one and told the guy, “Well, damn. This thing is only good for a few more months. Got anything for the next 5,000 years?” But that joke kept falling short. Oh well. It was a nice getaway.

8 thoughts on “Blues & Greens

  1. Despite being disappointed by where you we’ren’t able to visit, you were able to take some wonderful photos. The coloring is beautiful!

  2. I wonder if that ship was forced on shore by hurricane Wilma in 2005. I was on the first cruise ship that was allowed to visit after that hurricane. I bet there is some back story to that ship. It seems like it could be sold as scrap or pulled to deep water and sunk to make a great dive spot.

  3. That last picture gets to me most, Brandon – very nice to have the spread out trees, the otherwise empty beach, and then all of that beautiful sky in the background. Adrian

  4. Great shots. Love the sky in the last shot. Shame you didn’t get to explore the abandoned ship, I know I would have wanted to.

    When I have my camera with me I often don’t end up relaxing much because I feel “pressured” to get some good shots.

  5. Wow, look at all those pipes…I would have also tried to get on that ship…then again, I don’t think you would have seen me for days if I were able to have accomplish it! πŸ˜€

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