You Sure It’s This Way?

We’ve had a bit of a false fall this year. A slight cold snap came at the start of September, but then we spent the last few weeks of September in +90F temps. Then finally some proper autumn weather settled in this week, and were able to get the kids to the local corn maze. This year my wife and I just let the kids find their own path and walked slowly behind while they went over the same trails over and over again and argued over who was the “line leader.” So occasionally I would cut through a path and wait for them as they were always headed the same wrong way. To be honest, I don’t remember taking this one but loved it once it loaded onto the screen. Then I lost an exorbitant amount of time in post-processing. The original was good, but when I saw it, I thought Children of the Corn, and then wanted to PP the photo with a bit of vintage cinematic flare. It was one of those times when you can see it in your head but no amount of sliders or layers will get it there. First, I had to tone down the sun flare a bit as the kids were washed out too much. I wanted to retain a washed out feel with low contrasts to create a milky tone, grainy, expired film styleโ€”etc. I won’t get into more detail, but if you want a long and confusing discussion on how I ended up with this, feel free to email me. We eventually made it out the maze, even though one of the help guides spent 35 minutes to walk around and bring right back to where we started, and then led us to the entrance thinking it was the end. Close enough, I said.

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