Misty Mornings

Across photoblogs and photo sites, fall is being displayed in all its magnificence, giving me the green eyes as Autumn has yet to settle in here. It’s driving me bonkers. We’ve had such a hot, wet and late summer that things have actually gotten a bit greener. In fact, I’m likely going to need to cut the grass this weekend, this weekend that is Halloween weekend. Ugh. But you make what you can, and since our days are bit cooler starting off but end up hitting the 90s, we’ve been having mist galore in the mornings coupled with warm overcasts. So while I’d love to kick of the foliage theme, I’ll have to run with a misty, diffused theme for now.

This last was a bit experimental in post-processing. I walked unexpected upon this great heron at daybreak before the above photographs.  My camera was already mounted to a tripod I was carrying. I eased it down, but he already knew I was there and was able to just fire off one in makeshift monopod fashion before he was gone. I was pleased with at least retaining some of the mist. In PP, I subdued the contrast and then went with a monochrome to simplify the composition.

8 thoughts on “Misty Mornings

  1. The misty Heron is super but I really like that top photo . It looks like a set of fingers reaching up out of the ground at the base of that tree trunk on lower right. Spooky! 🙂

  2. I really like the feel of the first two Brandon, very moody and a little mysterious. The heron is great too. They are skittish though, and I have a similar type of shot taken just before it took off.

  3. Amazing shots. The mist really does add an extra dimension to these shots, especially the heron. I really like the balance of the middle shot and subtle effect the mist has in the background layers.

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