Zombies Reaching Out in the Community

Now—nearly two weeks later—a few more zombie pictures from Halloween. Needless to say I’m a bit backed up but it’s working out well as I have yet to really snag any Autumn sets I’m happy with. The above zombie was one of my favorites of the season, posing as the Chernobyl zombie replete with radioactive suit. Sadly this is the best one of her I had as I was experiencing some camera malfunctions, another reason I’ve been down on posting. Since the zombie festivals are in the streets with harsh shadows and crowds, I brought along my flash for some flash fill portraits. When I downloaded the RAW files, something was terribly wrong with most of my photos. I was miffed until I realized my high-speed synch on the flash had failed and was blowing many photos out by shooting at slower shutter speeds. Fixed that problem but still had some problems. I then found out my 17-55’s focus was out of whack. Oy. I have never had a major camera issue since I started photography,  but both came at the same time during a really cool event. Yuck.

Oh well, everything is back on track and here are some more zombies, the next one being my niece rocking the zombie cheerleader getup. This one was done with a bend toward something between an overly compressed HDR and the “Dave Hill” style. It’s no secret that I like fooling around with gritty processing so there is nothing like a zombie walk to get me going. Enjoy!

Our best in show zombie also freaked out other zombies.

And a band to boot. An apparent cross-dressing zombie punk band.

And two more of my favorites.

7 thoughts on “Zombies Reaching Out in the Community

  1. Sorry to hear abou the camera problems Brandon. So far, knock on wood, the most serious “camera malfunction” was a bad remote release.

    Im lovin’ these shots! We have a few zombie walks around here, but I’ve never seen the quality of costume and makeup as I see in you photos. I think the gritty processing you like so much is absolutely perfect for these, makes them even more creepy. One question, your niece, I’m curious why you chose to reverse/flip it (all the writing/letters are backwards)?

    1. Thanks, Jeff. For some reason I just really liked that angle…perhaps because the car goes right to back-left. So I was looking for a trade-off. But actually, I forgot about the license plate which says “Samhain” something I would rather spelled correctly. I bet I could cut and mask from the original.

      1. I had a feeling that was the reason. I’ve got a few pics that for some reason have a “best” way to view them. I have to admit that if I had one with text in it I’d be screwed. I don’t have a clue how to do the whole masking thing 😛

  2. Great series of photo´s Brandon, bouncing back from downtime-cool! Love these tones you use, maybe when you´ve got some time you could give us a tutorial, never had much success at it myself- any trade secrets would be very welcome 🙂

    1. Thanks, Adrian. These were mainly done in Photoshop with combinations of using the high-pass filter and gradient map layers. I find though that you can get similar results using the tonal contrast filter in Color Efex pro, but you have to be selective and use control points. But when I get some extra time, I’ll definitely pass along some more detailed trade secrets.

  3. Despite the technical hitches you still managed to get some great pics. Love some of these costumes and the prosthetics used. And I love the habitual reference to Umbrella corporation in the last shot!

  4. Sorry to hear about the technical problems, hate it when that happens! The images turned out excellent and have to agree with Jeff about the quality of the zombies, simply wonderful!

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