Looking Forward


Yes, it’s been some time since I posted. I did learn one thing while my break from the blog is that I definitely couldn’t do photography professionally day in and day out. I took on a few clients during my break which really hindered my posting. Mainly because I couldn’t get into working on my own stuff with hundreds of files to process. It’s not that client work sapped my photography (the work pushed me in new creative ways), but it is sapping on energy in general, leaving little for when I returned to my own work. Hence while I couldn’t do that kind of stuff all the time. And for those who can balance both, my salutations.

But it is 2013 and I’m looking forward, even though I’m jumping right back in during THE worst time to photo trip around here. Cold, overcast days, bare trees, soft sunsets, few people on the streets. The posted photo is homage to that feeling. But even though I wasn’t posting, I still made many photowalks so I can pull from the archives in my warm house till the better days arrive.

So Happy (late) New Year to everyone.

21 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. i´d been doing some photography proffessionaly for three months up to christmas-i´ve come to exactly the same conclusion as you Brandon! Good to see you´re back and great shot 🙂

  2. Welcome back Brandon. There is good stuff to be had on dirty grey days but it is indeed harder to find.
    Great shot.

  3. Welcome back, Brandon! Beautiful image, I like the processing, very nicely done. It has a very lonely feel to it, like the bird is waiting for a long lost mate, almost sad, but lovely just the same.

  4. Great pic and I am glad you are back! Years ago I used to shoot weddings on the side as a way to pay for expensive photo gear. That sapped me as well and weddings are, of course, are always on Saturday. I got tired of giving up Saturdays so now I just shoot for fun and won’t even shoot for friends (not because I’m mean, but if I did it would be too easy to get dragged back into it). Don’t get discouraged by cold temps. I was looking at my photostream the other day and noticed that the vast majority of the pics I have taken during this winter look as if they could have been taken in the spring or summer. I get creative and do my “photowalks” from my car. A lot lot of pictures I even shoot from the car with the window rolled down. If I need to get out, it’s usually just for a short period of time for me to compose and pull the “trigger”. Anyway, good to hear from you again and looking forward to seeing more good pics.

    1. Thanks, Robert. And yes, the side work is a great cash cow for the gear bag and chief motivator for me. I do like the actual shoots, especially the portraiture sessions. The event stuff (wedding) is extremely stressful though. What I find tough is the processing and turnaround. But that’s mainly my fault as I can lose hours getting hung-up on some detail or working out several versions to make sure there is some potential I overlooked. That’s also how I like to work but I’m usually obsessing over 1 to 2 images…not 50+ that are expected in a few days.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by and when the weather gets better we should definitely get together for some photowalks.

  5. Great image Brandon. I like the windblown feathers – really draws me into the image.

    Couldn’t agree more on the working photographer. Tried it for about 18 months and while I learned a lot, the biggest thing I learned is that I’m not interested in being a professional photographer. Being a full time creative is simply not for me.

  6. Good to see you back and lovely shot – the motion blur is a nice touch. I don’t think I could photography professionally – I find it very difficult to be creative when under pressure!

  7. Glad to see you back posting Brandon.

    Great placement of the egret against the dark trees to separate it from the skies. The feathers blowing in the wind give a little added motion too.

    This photograph may also do well as a square crop or a crop of the left side (where the in-focus fence line is). Since the fence line is in focus there, my eyes are naturally drawn to it after seeing egret.

  8. Hi Brandon, this is an excellent photo! Having the bird as the sole white thing there works very well – and we can see its plumes being wafted in the breeze.

    I’ve never done any professional photography but I can very well imagine what you’re talking about. For many amateurs, becoming a professional is the holy grail – but its certainly not for me! Adrian

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