Loggy Bayou

Brandon © Brasseaux

The autumn and winter season this year has been one of the rainiest in a while. The photo above is testament to the rainfall. This is Loggy Bayou, an area that connects one of the local lakes to Red River. I’m not really sure why they tabbed it a bayou. It’s mainly a flood plain. Perhaps at one time it was just a bayou until it was converted to a flood plain. Anyway, I’ve been by this place several times and have walked on the grounds of where this water now flows. There is actually a lock, (what I stood on top of to take this photo) but with the drought over the last several years, the water has never been high enough to topple the lock and flow into the plain. Ebb and flow.

This photo is a composition of 5 long exposures and then stitched together in Photoshop. Then a 1:2 crop from the meat of that stitch. Enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Loggy Bayou

  1. Excellent picture, Brandon! The format is spot on and I love all the flowing movement, and the fringe of tree trunks at the back really does finish it off nicely. Good stuff! Adrian

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