Water at the dam


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new material on my photoblog. No real reason unless laziness counts. With being absent so long it’s been a challenge to find an entry point into the blog. Spring is full on here but there is still a heap of stuff from the winter I haven’t messed with yet. The photo above was taken one morning in early spring. A friend and I went to this old decrepit dam, a dam that has been dry for several years—or at least the dozen times I’ve dropped by over the years. Since I wasn’t expecting water, I didn’t have any of my neutral density filters with me. Luckily an overcast fell heavy, and with just a polarizer and the lens stopped all the way down, I was able to catch one of those frothy shots.

One reason we drop by the dam is because all the concrete is painted with bright graffiti and makes a fun color photo. But apparently, the concrete artists have been slacking and the graffiti was a bit subdued. So without that element, I went with a more subdued processing in the tones to put the emphasis and contrast on the white waves and murky water spilling out the dam..

5 thoughts on “Water at the dam

  1. You came up on my radar recently…thank you for posting…I am living in Fayetteville AR …no rock police

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