Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Maggie_recital_portraits-1My oldest daughter hanging out after her first tap dance recital. Where does it go–really–the time? A sudden heap that is unaccounted for on one hand, and then with a little digging, all is remembered. Thank god for the cues that come from photography. One minute you’re eighteen and  it’s protest songs, black flags, and drinking to a rising sun, and the next you’re thirty and  it’s making sure daughters don’t dirty their dresses before performing in front a sea of parents bathed in an electric blue glow because they are documenting everything to send to people they know, and quite often, don’t know at all.  *Sigh* On a less cynical note, recitals and end of school years mark my favorite time–vacation time–and I’m off to the Smoky Mountains for a week, a week that I’m hoping is scant on technology and robust in the quietude of nature.  Take care.

10 thoughts on “Here’s Looking at You, Kid

  1. Brandon, my friend, two things. First, I love the composition and its so full of her life and character – its a joy to look at! And wonderful title too!

    But second – and I hope everyone reading your blog will take this on board – you are 100% right about “Where does it go–really–the time?”. When we are children and adolescents, time is unthought about, its always there in bucketsful and we are immortal. Old people are different, they’re just that way, and we have no thought that, in them, we are glimpsing our futures.

    But when we’ve “grown up a bit” and become a bit older, we look back and suddenly ask where it has all gone. If someone were to ask my to recollect my twenties, thirties, forties or ……, I would mostly have to think what I was broadly doing during those decades, and then work into the detail from there. Time flies – and the older we get the faster it flies, and the more we get into routines the faster still it flies – believe the words of an Oldie!!!

    So, yes, thank whatever you worship for photography! My mother died 10 years ago and, amongst her possessions, I found a box of photos that I’d sent during various episodes in my fairly eventful life. I’d forgotten many of these times, but there they were, and the memories flooded back in a deluge. Wonderful, and valuable, to me, too.

    Good post, Brandon! Adrian

  2. She’s adorable Brandon. You are so in trouble in a few years(dating time 😉 )

    I know what you mean about time. There are so many events in my almost 48 year life that seen “like it was only yesterday.” Then I look back only to realize they happened 10-20-30 years ago.

    Enjoy your vacation, I hope you have a great time in the Smokies.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. Nothing better than the slap in the face when you are telling someone about something and to you it was “a few years ago,” and then you count it up and it’s like 20.

  3. Ah yes… the swift passage of time, and that moment where you suddenly realize how much as gone by.

    Great portrait … colorful and joyous.

    Enjoy your trip to the Smokies….

  4. That IS the question…where does all the time go? Amazing that another school year is basically over, also amazing that the end of this year means all my kids are teenagers!! AAAhhhhhhhhh!!

  5. Ah yes, the first dance recital. Sigh. Beautiful image. I remember mine and it forever shaped my life that was ahead. Now in a “circle if life” moment I have seen my daughter’sfirst recital, along with hundreds of dancers over the years that I have taught. 🙂 Yes. Time is fleeting.

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