All at once


A happy birthday to my oldest who turns seven in about an hour. I took her out this evening to do her annual “birthday” photo. Not the most technically sound photo from the shoot but I preferred this buggy, summer hazy capture the most.

8 thoughts on “All at once

  1. This is so beautiful, and, sort of nostalgic … maybe even a bit melancholy in a way …

    It seems rather poetic, as if the future you, is looking back on a moment of your little girl, who’s not going to be little for long…

    As you say, it may not be the most technically sound, but it’s moving … as if you’ve captured her, seeing her through the haze of memory, as you look back, maybe on her wedding day, remembering this small girl who’s now grown, and, in your mind, you just see this moment… hopefully that makes sense, and doesn’t make me sound too Out There. 🙂

    It’s a lovely, moving photo ….

    1. Thanks, Jon, for you comments, especially with the “haze of memory.” It’s something I go for in kid photography, especially mine. While the head/shoulder portrait has a place on the wall, but that’s not how I see them…not how I remember them.

  2. Beautiful image, Brandon! The whole soft focus and golden light thing is just right, as are her half-flying stance and the circle of flare around her right hand – I’m all jealousy here! Adrian

  3. She is adorable, love the light on her hair, the turning dancing motion you caught, wonderful image of her.

    I’m sure she had a nice birthday.

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