Setting Some Free




I planned on working through all my photos from my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains, process them tediously, and then post them. But that might take a long time, given my propensity to obsess. Processing is where I usually get lost in the weeds, and sometimes, it’s just a matter of setting them free—where they often don’t look much different from the originals once the five alternate versions are deleted.

This is—and this is what I’m terrible about—somewhere in the Smoky Mountains 🙂 Is that good? It was in the National Park in east Tennessee on the way to Cades Cove. The first was taken before dawn and with some NDFs as it was still pretty dark at that time. The second is obviously when the sun broke and the last is zoomed clip taken about 10 minutes after the sun broke. Enjoy, and will have some more up soon.

10 thoughts on “Setting Some Free

  1. You’re not alone … I’m not always good at knowing the name of the place where a photo is. When we took an Alaskan cruise a couple of years ago, I returned with the requisite bazillion photos, and, mostly, they’re all just called “Alaska”. 🙂

    The first time I saw the Smokies, I was a little amused. I live in Denver, at the foot of the Rockies, and, I was rather amused that these little hills were called mountains. But, once I got to see more of them, the amusement wore off. The Smokies, and The Blue Ridge … beautiful places. And, these are great shots!

  2. Hi Brandon – beautiful pictures, absolutely beautiful! I’m in two minds about the location thing >>> and I’m soon to post a shot from Kenya that has nothing recorded on the original slide at all – so I’ve no idea – but its a good image and I’m certainly not going to let it gather dust somewhere just because I don’t have its “credentials”!

    I suppose that has to be the priority for me – the image comes first; and the credentials second, although it is of course good to know where and when pictures were taken. But the image is the primary thing. Adrian

  3. I’m pleased you have liberated these images: they are wonderful!

    In a similar way to your angst about specific locations, I used to worry about correctly identifying plants and insects. Some of my earlier posts would read like a biology lesson with correct botanical labelling of parts, and Latin names and so on. These days, I am more relaxed about such things and if I’m not sure of a flower’s name I will still post – purely for aesthetic reasons.

    Looking forward to more images being freed ……. !

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