More Little River




This little bubbling river turned out to be a family favorite. My girls weren’t quite ready for the heavier hikes, especially after falling on their faces in the first five minutes on a short walk up to one of the picnic grounds. To the top of a staircase has been their most uphill experience they’ve had as Louisiana natives. But they were able to get out to these areas and mess around in the water and climb on the rocks. The last one of this series was taken earlier in the day with a NDF filter, when the light was in a starker contrast. I ended up liking it a great deal with the skylight type of highlights falling on the water.


9 thoughts on “More Little River

  1. Again, good images, Brandon! The top one is my favourite – I love all that blurred white water – I often don’t like such water blur in mono work but it looks good here alongside colour. And the colours of the distant rocks, and the little sprigs of grass lower right. Adrian

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