Landscape of Repeating

clingman_dome-1 little_river -1 little_river -2

Well, for starters…Freshly Pressed…wow…and thanks to whoever decided to tab my blog as such.  Quite humbling. To be honest, I never had a real grasp of what “Freshly Pressed” meant. Sure, I check the Freshly Pressed page, but it usually because I know it’s a good starting place for great content leading down wonderfully ADD trails. I was never aware of the implications. This morning I opened my email and thought I had been hacked with an inbox showing over 500 emails! Then I understood. So thanks for everyone that has stopped by the last few days. It’s reminded me of why I carved out a space here originally. Again, humbling. But now my ADD has splintered again with so many new blogs to chase around.

Click HERE for post that was Freshly Pressed

Nature in black in white. It’s something I’ve always struggled with in photography. Too often, my nature photographs tend to be too busy to break down to a monotone, often lacking stark contrast to direct the eyes. More so, it’s hard to sap out all the vibrant color, especially when the end result isn’t more compelling. I still like to give it try, and that’s what the above are about. I never shoot in black in white nor do I pretend to plan a shot that I know beforehand will end up in black in white. I’m not that good, and kudos to who are. But when reeling through a carousel of images after a shoot, I do like to tab potentials “black and whites.” Later, providing the follow-thru, I will give them their day in the black and white court. The first was done in Photoshop, working in LAB color mode—my preference for doing B&W in Photoshop. In LAB mode, I delete every channel except for the Luminosity channel. Then I move forward with the usual levels and curve masks in Photoshop. I tried this one in Lightroom and Silver Efex, but for some reason, the sky rays were getting too much subdued in conversion. For the last two, these were both handled in Silver Efex. Enjoy! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Landscape of Repeating

  1. Like the title “Landscape of Repeating.” The monotone is compelling. I know nothing about photography, but I feel that I know a little more now, thanks. Congrats on your freshly pressed. I appreciate that you were picked, good stuff. ADD is a wonderful thing, it leads to road-less-travelled creations.

  2. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed Brandon, well deserved!

    Okay, so perhaps going against the norm here, I actually like the second image the most. There’s something about the combination of the silky flowing water and the static rocks…better yet, the static roots! The first image certainly has it’s merits such as the crazy sun rays coming down and the wonderful levels the mountains make but yea, 2nd for me! 🙂

  3. Great series of shots and a big congrats to you. I like the second one in particular but all have a great monochrome feel with beautiful contrasts, tones and textures.

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