Kaleidoscope in Squares

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Time to switch gears from the landscapes. For a while I’ve had a project in my head to focus on something in photos that was “kaleidospopic.” I used the scare quotations there because that was the only word I could put on what I was thinking. The core concept was an exercise in color, but monochromic. I know, it sounds off, but bear with me. It would be an idea of a photo set covering the spectrum of color, but with each photo dominant in only one hue. As I started, I quickly realized there would need to be more connective tissue between the photos besides different colors exercised in monochromism. So for quite some time, I’ve been tagging photos as I take them to be candidates for this set. Since then I’ve placed more and more constraints on both how the initial compositions should be arranged, and how they would be processed. Tonight I’m throwing a few out there, and would love any feedback.

11 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope in Squares

  1. I’m wondering why you chose the colors you did for each photo. My brain tends to work in a logical, rather than creative way, so for me, it seems that the photo of the person throwing rocks into the water would be blue (if I were doing this, since blue = water), and the shoes, on the dock, might be more like the top color, since the brown echoes the color of the wood, or green, like the grass in the back) I like the photos they way they are…. there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re really good compositions… mostly I’m wondering what lead you to chose the colors you did? Was it just that you wanted the color to be a contrast to the “natural” colors that exist in the phot?

    1. Wonderful question, John, and something I definitely considered. Short answer is I started with whichever base color was dominant. Of course, that grouping is broad. Top photo was on a blistering evening, so orange seemed the way to go. The one with the flip-flops was on a blue pallet and it was after twilight. But again, those were starting points and in processing I just tried to go with which color served the photo (to at least me) best. I’ve tried also considering the psychology of color as a reference, but again, it’s just something considered and not constraint. At this time, my only constraint is a uniformity in processing. My goal is something emergent in numbers…a totality.

  2. I like the initial idea and think that you described the idea well. I think it will lead to some very interesting results! I too wonder as John does and wish to know a little more on the process behind choosing the colours for the images? will it be emotional, creative and/or logical? Or is it a way to illicit and emotion or response from the viewer?? I am also interested to see how you connect and display the images? All in all I think this will be exciting to see unfold!! look forward to more…

    1. Thanks, Astra. I admit one of your runs on street photography had a hand in this project. What I loved was that as you kept putting them together, they started to tell a story. Also, I love how it was focused…something I’ve been needing to work on. But per direction, see my reply to John’s comment as both you guys were knocking near the same thing.

  3. I really love the idea of one hued images! These tones evoke different emotions, blue is kind of cold, the blue thongs picture makes me think of a day, hot and active, but now turning to coolingevening, the red hue of the petrol pump is almost vintage, The brown of the walker is nostalgic, and the grey rocks have a kind of mammoth presence due to the uniformity of colour. Just my impressions. The almost sepia affect conjures and oldy worldy feel, a feeling of the past, of times past. Really interesting!!

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