Squares II









Thanks to those giving feedback on this series. After considering commentary mixed with my own critiques, here are four new and some slight revisions on last posted. Biggest revision is a shift away from pure monochrome. With some of these compositions, I felt that while a total monochrome process added greatly to the mood, it would sometimes diminish details. I noticed this mainly on the far sides of the exposure—highlights and shadows. In short, I slightly took down the color layer just enough to let the slightest color bleed back through. For example, on the first one, the monochrome overlay was dark orange, more befitting of the car rust, but I let a subtle amount of green back through on the grounds of the abandoned car lot and in the moss of the side mirror. In the second, the pink shoelace and shorts pointed me in the direction of a more magenta overlay, but I wanted to back off enough to let the sand browns, however subtle, back through.

4 thoughts on “Squares II

  1. Really great … the new, and the revised are very good … the first two are my favorites, along with the man throwing stones in the water….and the gas pump. It’s interesting how the colors really make you focus on the photo … sometimes a very bright colored image can be a bit distracting, as you try to take everything in … these colors really keep the details, focusing you on the image/composition. NIce job!

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