Early Fall Walk

Since I work in computers, the sedentary pace is a bit unsettling so I try to move more when I can. I’ve finally started subscribing to the regular path “photo walk,” a way to move around a bit more and carry the camera for more spice. On my latest walk, I decided to do a thing I’ve always thought about: one camera, one lens, and let the photos fall. On this trip, I simply brought my 85mm, and set it to f1.4 on aperture priority. Fall is just starting to really set in, so below are my snaps from with the above limitations on this little 5 mile wood walk.


Just some dead leaves here.

photo_walk-3Some wonderful seedpods dangling from a tree I can’t identify.

photo_walk-5 A change of light, and something that seems seasonal.


I love fall foliage, but agree it may be a bit overshot. But how can you blame anyone? So much serenity in the foliage this time of year. photo_walk-1

While I had my restriction to an 85mm, and one camera. I did bring a macro extension in the pocket. Used it here on these enormous ants.

7 thoughts on “Early Fall Walk

  1. Nice lens, Nice shots. It’s great to give yourself restrictions or rules like this when taking photos. For me, it helps me to be more creative.

    It’s for the same reason that I post based on a theme each week. If I go out and just try to capture random stuff I always feel so uninspired.

  2. I really like the way the photograph fades from in-focus to out of focus on the first one of dead leaves and how the red contrasts the green in the one of berries!

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