So what is the golden hour



My oldest daughter was telling me about the times of the day—dawn, noon, evening, dusk, etc (because of course, as parents, we don’t know about these things they learn in their school. We missed out on all that stuff because we are grown-ups). She then asked about twilight, and I told her twilight was the glowing intermission before the sun rose or after it set, and then offhandedly mentioned it came after the golden hour at the end of the day. At the time, I didn’t think about how wonderful the concept of “the golden hour” must sound to a 7yo. So naturally, she was right on the heels with the question: “So what is the golden hour, Daddy?” I started to explain, but then had that glorious realization of having something amazing to reveal and all I had to do was go outside—and then act like I had orchestrated the whole bit.

We headed out. I brought my camera and told her the golden hour would splash out in all its tangerine splendor onto the land in a fleeting instance…and if she spotted it…to let me know and we would stop and take some snaps. We headed down a long highway and it wasn’t long until it was obvious the radiance of the setting sun was catching up in the high limbs of trees. We stopped at a boat dock, and headed towards an ATV trail where these were captured.

golden_hour-1 golden_hour-2 golden_hour-3 golden_hour-4 golden_hour-5 golden_hour-6

9 thoughts on “So what is the golden hour

  1. Beautiful pictures, Brandon and a good story too – kids are simply wonderful. I especially like the 3rd image down, all those curving leaves and all that golden, milky, diffuseness. Adrian

  2. Wonderful examples of what the “Golden Hours” are all about. As a fellow “chaser of the golden light,” and the exited anticipation it brings, I can only imagine what it must be like to see it for the first time through the eyes of a 7 year old.

    Though in thinking about it, I bet my reaction to the magic of it isn’t much different.

  3. Thank you this morning on your wonderful blog, your post but mostly the feelings and thoughts between the words and lastly the photos of those golden moments in an hour that we all have as human beings sharing the small blue marble.
    I continue to work on my stone balancing art and currently working on a website called gravity whispers hope to have it up soon share some of my photos. take care my friend
    Oh if I ever come back down that way toward Shreveport Bossier would love to connect and have you take some pictures and a stone balancing just to play

    1. Absolutley, North..that would be great. And FYI…your stones live on. I was down by the river the other day and someone had balanced some out (and despite the sign not to do so 🙂 )

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