5 thoughts on “Meet in the Sun

  1. Lovely silhouette shot and really sweet scene. I really like the golden tones. There’s a strong air of innocence to this shot that makes me want to be a child again!!!

  2. This is a wonderful enchanted image. I wonder if you would allow me to use it as the lead image in a very short story that I have written about children on Summer vacation in the countryside. I called it ‘The pond all Summer’. Some of your other images of the golden hour, the grass especially, would also fit the story.

    I have written mini-stories in collaboration with other bloggers who allowed me to use their photos. My blog is personal, general audience, non commercial, and varied. I give full credit and add a link to the blog where the images come from. If this is possible with you I’d be delighted. You can reach me at Rugantina at gmail. I have a feeling that this little story about Summer is going to be my favorite because I have put into it many cherished memories from my childhood. I’ll be happy to let you read it in advance. My blog is http://ilghepardo.wordpress.com. I did not see your email so I decided to leave this as a comment. See my gravatar too for more info.

    I hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime I am following your blog. Regards, Vera

  3. Beautiful study, Brandon! Two things get to me. Its a wonderful, vibrant and dynamic picture of childhood, full of movement and of “being there”. But also its lifted for me by your placing the oldest girl in that pillar of burnt out glare – and especially so because the light is eating into her and sending thin barbs of brilliance across her – its almost as if she is being taken up into the brilliance. Adrian

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