With my photo-blogging hiatus, I don’t think I have shown off the newest family member–Oreo–our half white lab, half pitt-terrier—aka a shelter rescue. With three girls, they bugged me about getting a dog for years, but I had staved them off until I ran out of reasons. When we got him from the shelter he was terribly skinny and skittish. He has nearly doubled his weight in the last four months, and is now attached to the hip of any of kid moving about.


10 thoughts on “Oreo

  1. Great photo Brandon. You’ve captured his personality very well. We’ve always had pure bred labs, but then again, until I found photography I was always a bird hunter. Our next dog is certainly going to be a rescue.

    And let me guess, now that you’ve finally caved in to the pleasure of a four legged family member, you can’t imagine life without the drooly slobbery guy. πŸ™‚

    1. Absolutely, Jeff….I can’t imagine life without him because he is literally attached to the hip. I’ve been grooming him for photo ops, and this weekend I’m headed to lake so I’ll see how he can handle side-by-side exploring.

  2. GOOD DADDY!!!! I begged and begged for years for a dog. My parents finally let my sisters and I have a “man’s best friend” my freshman year in High School. He was the first in a long line of best friends. ….and Oreo? Handsome as they come! And look! He’s smiling!

    1. Thanks, Leslie. I had a plethora of dogs growing up, but this is actually my first dog as an adult, but having one has brought back a bit of that magic. My two, fat 15yo cats aren’t impressed at all though.

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