Mississippi River Moon


Over the weekend, I visited a small town bordering Mississippi and Louisiana for a family reunion. The hotel ended up having an amazing view over the Mississippi River. There was also a boardwalk running down the levee, and I ended up walking out to the spot pictured above. I had only brought my camera and a strap on the trip—so no tripod. But there was no way I could miss out on the bridge symmetry and full moon so I gathered up some rocks on the river bank, hoping to not find snakes sleeping in the dark. I already felt I had been pushing my luck since it was Friday the 13th on a warm summer night—and—at a remote area near water—and—a full moon—and—all alone. The makeshift rock prop worked out, and ended up with zero venomous bites or not being murdered by anyone wearing a hockey mask.

5 thoughts on “Mississippi River Moon

  1. Brandon, wonderful image and great story – and 10 out of 10 for being intrepid – and I would never have thought of putting the camera on a pile of rocks in lieu of a tripod, something I must keep in mind! Adrian

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