Handwritten (Texture Thursday)


I was listening to a song a few days ago with a theme surrounding “handwritten” (unable to recall band, and too lazy to Google). The theme touched on the idea that handwritten words sequester a more emotive quality by default. It makes sense because with text, handwriting adds an extra layer—another subtext. Character can be imbued simply by how it appears on the paper. It adds a psychology that might be lost in word processing. But when thinking about this, and listening to the band, wouldn’t the same apply to musicians? Isn’t a good song bent along a stringed instrument—also handwritten?

4 thoughts on “Handwritten (Texture Thursday)

  1. Yes, I agree too – how the song is played on the stringed instrument may well reflect the character of the musician playing it. And excellent image, Brandon, the very narrow depth of focus really makes it. Adrian

  2. Super image. And I totally agree. The musician imbues there personality of each note they pick. Give several musicians the same piece of music and they will all play it slightly differently.

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