The Return


It has definitely been a while since I have updated this blog, but for once, I have a pretty solid reason. In December I accepted a new job in Austin, Texas, and made the long move between Christmas and New Years (a timing I don’t advise). I had been eyeing the Austin area for some time, and thus far Austin has lived up to the hype. While Austin has quickly validated the culinary, artistic, and musical cultural nodes most referenced for, I didn’t realize how much scenery it had to offer until moving here—from the broad sweeping strokes to the nuances of nooks and crannies. Now that I have settled in a bit, I have begun new adventures that seemingly lack exhaustion. Of course, I am currently racking through the process of hitting the iconic places first to pay homage (also provoked by the wife wanting new print decorations for the house).

Photographed above is the Pennybacker Bridge (aka the 360 bridge), captured about forty-five minutes post sunrise. One interesting aspect of the bridge I noticed when photographing is that no part touches the lake. While I liked how the warm morning light poured in perpendicular to the bridge, I have already bookmarked this spot as a place to return in the evening, an outing that should render spectacular sunset and twilight photos.

With a fresh new canvas to explore, I really hope to return to regular posting here. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by and commented during my hiatus.

9 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Thank you for the update, finding you to visit in Louisiana would have been difficult…good luck on your new location. If I come that way I will look you up.
    I once heard about being curious its either exploration or exploitation….its always a choice. But for my money I know your camera is ready to explore..have fun

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