Give the crowd everything they want


This is another old, and hopefully not a redux. I can guarantee if it is a re-post, the image didn’t look like this as I did a good bit of editing to get it to this point…and it’s one of my favorite black and white pieces I’ve done to date.

Like my previous post, I enjoyed the composition but it teemed with distracting elements. I removed most of them, and when finished, liked the way it added enhanced the spotlight of the elephant. Of course, by removing the crowd elements it evokes a sadness, a depression to the subject.

6 thoughts on “Give the crowd everything they want

  1. This is heartbreaking. Wild animals to be ‘tamed’ to entertain humans… I never understood it. It’s such an achingly sad, cruel and humiliating chapter (in too big a book) in humans ways of treating the planet and its other inhabitants. Your photo captures all those emotions so incredibly well. It says it all and brings out in me shame and sorrow on behalf of us humans. A strong shot.

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