Short Photo Movies

Posted here are short photo movies on select sets. Most are better viewed if you follow the link to Vimeo and view full screen. If HD is available, click on the symbol on the player control. Note that any music used on the videos is for effect, and not as attempted interpretations of the musical artist’s song.

Hall Summit Elementary School, April 2011

Hall Summit Elementary School from Brandon Brasseaux on Vimeo.

Ellerbe Road School, March 2011

8 thoughts on “Short Photo Movies

  1. Never noticed these on your site before. Have they been up long? Anyway, great collection of photos. And I like the use of panning in the second clip – it gives a sense of being there and taking in your surroundings. I’d love the opportunity to explore/photograph an abandoned building or complex. Did you have to organise it, or can you just explore these places at will?

  2. Thanks! Yes & no. Both are “no trespassing,” but the major reason is to keep kids out, vandalism, etc. The Ellerbe school I stumbled upon, and it was in the middle of nowhere. I went in by myself, which I later realized was not a good idea from a safety standpoint (especially with bad cell service). So from now on, I always go with someone. The other one was watched, but once the neighbors saw that we were just photographers they gave us a simple wave. What I usually do is look around on Flickr to see if someone else had been there, and then message them about access, etc. There is an old prison I want to explore but have found out it is pretty much an “arrest on site” deal.

    1. Thanks, Dave…and honestly, I had forgotten about this page until you woke it up with a comment. I love making these when it all comes together. I too, need to do it more. What I like best is that it puts a little closure on those “spots” you find, shoot, and process.

  3. I was part of the last graduating class of Hall Summit in 2001. These photos and video are absoluitely amazing. I played on the basketball team and to see the gym in the shape that it is…makes my heart break. Thanks for sharing…it means a lot!

  4. I watched Ellerbe and am pretty much done for the day now. I’ve just left the classroom, and our building (among other things) is not far behind. You love the legacy, but want renewal, support for the children. Thank-you for compiling this, your images capture that feeling exactly. I have been a part of two new buildings and the rejuvenation it brings. These old buildings need to come down, live on in pictures if they must.

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