Chapel Rock


Above is Chapel Rock, built by hand in 1891 by a monk missionary, of who are buried alongside the walkway leading up to the chapel. It was not in my plans to visit/find this place as I was working along some backroads looking for access to Clear Lake. I was hunting autumn photographs. In short, I was semi-lost as I still had a GPS signal, otherwise I would have been utterly lost. I spotted an iron arched sign marker, and it seemed quite familiar. I had heard of a small rock chapel that was in a secluded area, but never could pinpoint where it was, and this was looking like the prospect. The road was dirt, and then turned into a trail where I walked about ¾ mile into the woods, and there it was in quaint clearing in the woods. The grounds are well kept, and have a few benches here and there.

As picturesque and peaceful the area and the chapel are, a more heartrending history exists. All of the monks who built the chapel fell ill, all were young, and all died in a short span of time. In 1904, a man-made wildfire burned down the monastery and church. Eventually the site was abandoned and fell nearly into ruin, ultimately reckless vandalism, until the local community revived and restoredthe chapel. Thanks to Liz Chrysler, granddaughter of one of the care takers, for providing the historical rundown.

I intended the photo above for square format. My camera doesn’t shoot in 1:1 so I found that if I frame in portrait and fill the center, then in post it crops nicely to 1:1.

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