Order Up

brandon ◙ brasseaux

This one was a bit creepy: 1) lazy-boy in the corner, 2) what looks like a serving window above, 3) cat-feeding bowls, 4) rotted foam mattress, and 5) all in the middle of nowhere in a crumbly shack. I didn’t stick around long. All the trimmings for a horror movie to get going.

HDR. There is much I like about the technique, and much I do not. In my humble opinion, the photograph shouldn’t serve the technique, but vice versa; the technique services the image. Whatever works, in other words. Situations like this is when I like HDR or rather, how HDR processing can contribute. HDR is able to wrap around an enormous range of light. In something like this, when applied right, it can hold the deepest shadow and the blinding light outside. But curiously, I actually prefer monochrome HDRs to color. Perhaps it combines the inherent drama of a black and white exposure with the added detail by extending the range of light.

brandon ◙ brasseaux

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week and Happy Independence Day for the Americans.

12 thoughts on “Order Up

  1. good use of HDR..prefer the monochrome version over the color here. The details on that sofa looks very enticing. wondering how a wide angle closeup (dramatized) version of the sofa might have worked out !

  2. Great shots. I totally agree. I find that HDR is overused and with many images looking far too processed (eg bad haloing, etc) and far too saturated (sky blues start appearing purple, etc) – they often remind me of stills from video games. That said, when used right it can look stunning. But I also prefer the look of HDR in black and white.

  3. Well said: “the photograph shouldn’t serve the technique, but vice versa.” You’ve reminded me of what Emerson wrote in his “Ode to William H. Channing”:

    The horseman serves the horse,
    The neat-herd serves the neat,
    The merchant serves the purse,
    The eater serves his meat;
    ‘Tis the day of the chattel,
    Web to weave, and corn to grind,
    Things are in the saddle,
    And ride mankind.

    Steve Schwartzman

  4. Man, I LOVE places like this! 😀 I am pretty sure you know my stance on HDR already but yea, I don’t believe in the over-processed look…there’s just something about it that strikes a nerve. Having said that, there are times where the over-processed looks just fits (just like certain rules in photography are meant to be broken)! Anyway, I too prefer the B&W version.

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