Auditorium of abandoned school from previous posts. The side not shown is the crumbly stage also known as the “occult alter” by local accounts. This was a difficult spot to shoot with the large windows in broad daylight, the sun glinting through the roof holes, and the stark shadow contrast of the areas in between such as where I’m standing in this one. I’ll definitely have to return here with the tripod and do some bracketing. Although the more I read up on this place, I may be better to leave well enough alone. Apparently the land owner really, really, really doesn’t like people poking around.

5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Beautiful. You did well with the difficult lighting. Given the conditions, I would have thought you would have had to bracket to get the details in the shadows.

  2. Actually, I preformed one little trick that I think fakes it somewhat. In Adobe Lightroom, there is a “Fill Light” slider that I most often find quite useless since it just invites a ton of noise. I used it here to overexpose the image and then used tone curves to tweak it slowly back down.

  3. There is a distinct difference in the style and speed of urban decay in the south compared to the north. Its probably because of the combination of humidity and the underbrush that the northern states don’t have. Great shot, I love the color in it.

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