To round out the memorial cemetery posts, here is a post of the battleground on a foggy morning. The area is my estimated guess from a rough map. I’m sure there is an official marker somewhere, but in this part of the country, these aren’t lands you wander around aimlessly. I found this spot to be ample as I was already a good ways on someone’s property. Perhaps it stems from the old generations with a clear line to the Civil War, but the locals here are quite protective of their lands. In the original, the fog was a tad thicker but I was able to thin it out somewhat in Silver Efex so the horizon lines would pop out more.


4 thoughts on “Battleground

  1. Nice sombre landscape shot. The striking thing about most historical battlegrounds is their total ordinariness – you wouldn’t know you were standing on one if somebody hadn’t pointed it out.

  2. Excellent balance and tone. I have included you in my list of Versatile Bloggers. Your posts are always of interest.

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