Rustic Continued

My rusty/rustic themed week sort of fizzed out due to a hectic work week. So I think I’ll pick up from where I left off and then can hopefully catch up everyone else’s posts I’ve missed. The horse in the background was a nice bit of happenstance. The subject of interest was this nest of twisted vines on an area of a pasture fence that had went through several mends over time. It wasn’t until I hit my DOF preview button that I noticed the horse had walked into the frame. He was gone in the next 10 seconds.

Sadly, I think we just broke a record for the shortest spring ever. The temps were in the 90s this weekend. The kids stayed in their swim suits most of the weekend—kiddie pools, bubbles, sprinklers, popsicles, water guns, sunburns, bug bites—the full summer gamut. While fun and the heat is still tolerable, it’s just too soon. I’ve actually been stock piling “spring” photographs to do a run on the blog. It seems now it will be an “ode to spring.”

13 thoughts on “Rustic Continued

  1. Beautiful. I love the soft browns and greens. We thought Summer had started here last week with higher temps and wall-to-wall sunshine. This week, however, has seen the return of colder daytime temps, night time frosts, and the possibility of sleet and snow!

  2. In the 90s? Already? It snowed here yesterday. Thankfully, the snow has already melted, but we’re definitely still in Spring mode way up here.

    I like the happy accident of the horse in the shot – it gives the image more context and depth. I also like how you have achieved a distinctive look in your images. When I’m scrolling through blogs in Google Reader, I don’t always read the title or author, but focus mainly on the pictures. When your pictures come up, I always know it’s yours before checking the watermark or the blog title. That’s a good thing Brandon – always good when your work is easily recognized.

    1. Wow, thanks, Mike as this comment made my day. While I think a style emerges (even though we might not notice it ourselves), I am just as interested/happy with pushing into new ideas, styles, techniques. I guess the question, is do you ever decide something is your style and stick with it?

  3. This is nice, I very much like this, Brandon. There are so many bits in here – the twisted vines and the wire fence – and the horse just about on the intersection of the left and upper thirds >>> good luck comes to those who deserve it! Adrian

  4. Very nice Brandon. I dig the horse in the background. As far as the subject is concerned, I love it when nature and man made structures compete for the same space.

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